October 13, 2022

E-Noc arrived in the ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’ with one goal in mind, to DJ full time. He crossed paths with Video DJ pioneer, DJ Girl 6. Like his previous mentor DJ Tosh, she agreed to teach him both video production & video DJing. Within a month E-Noc was video DJing his own custom video edits on the world-famous Las Vegas Strip.

His growing skill set won him shows opening for Everclear, Everlast/House of Pain, Steve Aoki’s Autoerotique and Bacardi, Red Bull, and Captain Morgan sponsored events.

Never being satisfied with stagnation, E-Noc used his free time towards schooling as an audio producer at Icon Collective in Los Angeles, CA. As a recent graduate, he now posts custom audio & video edits on Crooklyn Clan (as ‘E6′) and there’s no telling where his relentless drive will take him next.