DJ Presto One

You’ve heard it all before, no doubt DJ So-and-So is the best in his city…but while everybody is out there

talking a good game, Presto One is simply showing and proving.

For over two decades, he’s been putting in work in the Vegas scene and around the world. His talents have led to working with artists like The Roots, Q-Bert, Jazzy Jeff,Flavor Flav, and the Beat Junkies as well as spinning parties for celebrities like Brittney Spears, Dana White, TJ Lavin, Pink, and more.

Presto is firmly rooted in hip hop and is a proud member of the legendary and world famous Rock Steady Crew. His Turntablist skills have landed him a spot in Q-Bert’s Scratchlopedia DVD. Presto’s knack for taking a hiphop delivery and applying it to all types of music genres and crowds is the reason why he continues to stand out as a DJ.