DJ Girl 6

Hailing from Las Vegas, DJ Girl 6 has won the hearts of music lovers across the globe. In Spike Lee’s movie

“Girl 6,” the lead character (a phone sex operator) used a number instead of her name to remain anonymous. DJ GIRL 6, on the other hand, is far from anonymous, adopting the moniker because the movie reminded her of the harsh realities behind going “all in” to pursue your dreams. Harsh realities aside, DJ GIRL 6 has fought her way to the cutting edge of DJ techniques and technology, blazing trails for others to follow for just over ten years now.

DJ Girl 6 has come a long way since her humble beginnings as a 15-year-old hotel maid saving every dime to buy her first set of turntables.  Girl 6 quickly taught herself to scratch.  Her first audience?  The unsuspecting answering machines of her foes, or their parents.  After a few years, and numerous N.W.A. records later, she was spinning at under age nightclubs.

She continued to strive to make each show better than the last by learning any cutting edge technology, and finding thought provoking movie clips, tone play, video DJing and even producing original audio and video remixes constantly improving.

Her remarkable blend of skill and showmanship inspired Epix, Spike TV, and MTV2 to broadcast her routines into over 80 million homes around the world while touring with Bellator, the touring mixed martial arts show.  From that day on, she became a television staple appearing on reality shows and giving commentary on everything from cars to clothes.

To date, well over 100,000 fans spanning five continents purchase tickets to see her perform live every year.  Now, as an award-winning expert in the field, she teaches the art of turntablism and is credited with releasing the first instructional DJ DVD with an all-female cast.

After a decade of perfecting her skills, her command of the equipment, music and crowd has become nothing short of sorcery.  Both international celebrities and corporations alike request her by name. Come find out why!