Instagram Soundcloud Download Press Kit DJ, producer, remixer & on-air mixer, Spydat.e.k is an all around music chameleon. For the last few years his DJing and music has gained the respect and attention it rightfully deserves. Releasing a steady

Instagram Mixcloud Soxxi was born in South Florida where her musical roots were first established. As a little girl, she became utterly enchanted with the moody sounds of blues rock and 1920’s jazz, which  frequently flooded the halls of her c

Instagram Twitch Youtube Download Press Kit Canadian star Skratch Bastid is a world renowned DJ and award winning producer. For more than 15 years now he has been sharpening his cutting, mixing and chopping skills on the turntables and at this point

Instagram Twitter Twitch Soundcloud Download Press Kit A couple of Red Bull 3Style victories, personal invites to Jazzy Jeff’s prestigious Playlist Retreat, and a few cap tips from Questlove will only scratch the surface of the Nick Bike world. Nea

Instagram Twitter Download Press Kit DJ Mell Starr also known by his stage name “No Headphones in Harlem” a.k.a. “The Most Dangerous”, is an American DJ, turntablist, musician and producer born in Brooklyn, New York but r

Instagram Twitter Soundcloud Download Press Kit Salvatore Lodato, better known by his stage name LODATO, is an American DJ, musician, and remixer. He is best known for his 2019 original single “HOME”, which reached #1 on the U.S. Dance Ra

Instagram Soundcloud Download Press Kit Hector Fonseca is an east-coast based DJ/Remixer/Producer/Record Label Owner. Named Best International DJ/Producer of by EDGE – One of the largest LGBT publications in the world – this international DJ supe

Instagram Twitter DJ Green Lantern, also known as The Evil Genius, is an American DJ and hip hop musician. Green Lantern was signed by Eminem in 2002 to become the “Shady Records Official Deejay”.  He is a seasoned producer, flexing his

Instagram Twitter Download Press Kit Eddie Mac (born Eddie McDonald) began his professional DJ career in New York City in 1997 after several years as a part time DJ doing mostly college parties and mobile gigs throughout his home state of New Jersey.

Instagram Twitter Easy Mo Bee, is an American Hip Hop record producer from Brooklyn, New York. He is most notable for his affiliation with Bad Boy Records in its early years and his heavy production involvement in The Notorious B.I.G.’s acclaim