Sound x Color

April 7, 2022

See how we integrated Las Vegas’ best creative forces under one roof.


MGM Events and Nightlife

An 11,000 sq ft. three-room musical epicenter located in the heart of Park MGM, On the Record is an ode to hanging out in record stores while delivering a world-class speakeasy and nightclub experience.

  • Artist Management
  • Event Production
  • Marketing Strategy
Challenges and Solutions:

Sound X Color is an interactive artistic experience that incorporates music, art and culture.

DJ Crykit, MC MP Art and Artist B-Boy Smurf are 3 powerhouse creatives with distinct specialties that wanted to take it to the next level. We fostered a relationship with them and began to handle the business and operations of the Sound X Color brand, so they could focus solely on their respective artistic visions.

On the Record wanted a successful event concept with heavy support from Vegas locals to relaunch their industry Wednesdays. With our downtown connections, we saw a unique opportunity. The Las Vegas downtown community is rooted in art, fashion, and music—they are staunch supporters of Crykit, Art, and Smurf, so we developed a strategy to bring the downtown community to the Las Vegas strip.


Sound X Color is a flagship event platform that unites diverse communities through a shared creative experience.


MAC Agency is a full-service entertainment resource agency providing diverse DJ & live entertainment talent in addition to support for small-or-large-scale properties, corporate functions, and a broad scope of events. We have experience in high-volume food & beverage venues, various entertainment concepts and the hospitality industry.

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