Instagram Mixcloud Download Press Kit DJ Wizdumb aka Eric Camacho is a local Las Vegas DJ with residencies ranging from the strip to downtown.  Playing at iconic venues across the city Wizdumb likes to call DTLV his home base where he resides weekly

Instagram Download Press Kit DJ Valid originally from Oxnard, California has been in the DJ scene since the age of 15. By the age of 21, he was on-air mixer for his local radio stations and held residencies at nightclubs all over Southern CA, includi

Instagram Soundcloud Download Press Kit Tim Tones has set his mark by becoming a world class party rocker and turntablist in the northeast region and Southwest region of the USA. Tones iconic style is a blend of soulful selecting and turntable wizard

Instagram Soundcloud Download Press Kit Technicolor, a Las Vegas native, has been a staple in the entertainment industry for over a decade. An experienced event producer, trained sound engineer and a talented DJ known for his precise mixing and abili

Hailing from Seattle, Washington, Supreme La Rock is an internationally-known DJ in a lane of his own. With a vast myriad of musical tastes & a distinct style, he is a world-class DJ set on raising the bar every time he steps up to the decks. A n

Instagram Twitter Internationally renowned DJ/producer/overall music impresario Stretch Armstrong has enjoyed a nearly two-decade career that has remained as diverse, eclectic and inspired as his home city. As a native New Yorker who grew up on the e

Instagram Twitter Download Press Kit Steve1der specializes in remixing, producing, mixtapes, and touring, in addition to DJing nightclubs and corporate events around the world. Steve quickly established himself as a top remixer in the DJ world, shoot

Instagram Twitch Soundcloud Download Press Kit DJ Stephi K was born in Port Hueneme, CA and grew up in Southern California where she developed a passion and true love for pop,  hip hop and rap music. Being inspired by artists like Madonna and 2Pac l

Instagram Soundcloud Download Press Kit DJ, producer, remixer & on-air mixer, Spydat.e.k is an all around music chameleon. For the last few years his DJing and music has gained the respect and attention it rightfully deserves. Releasing a steady

Instagram Mixcloud Soxxi was born in South Florida where her musical roots were first established. As a little girl, she became utterly enchanted with the moody sounds of blues rock and 1920’s jazz, which  frequently flooded the halls of her child