DJ E-Noc

Mystified by the uniquely mixed, scratched and mashed-up sounds flowing from his radio as a child of the up and coming “Bay Area” music scene, DJ E-Noc hoped he would one day be on the other side of that speaker.

Upon moving to Sacramento, CA, E-Noc met a local radio DJ named Tosh at a frat party, who realized his enthusiasm and agreed to take E-Noc under his wing and mentor him. Like most beginning DJs, E-Noc cut his teeth as a DJ at college parties and local bars. After almost a year, he accomplished his longstanding goal of wanting to DJ on-air for 103.5 KBMB’s “Bomb Mixshow.” After reaching his goals as a fledgling DJ, E-Noc grew weary of Sacramento’s limited club/radio scene and sought out for greener pastures. He ended up in Las Vegas.

E-Noc arrived in the ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’ with one goal in mind, to DJ full-time. He focused all of his attention and spare time on networking and booking shows. In his endeavors to build bridges in ‘Sin City’, he crossed paths with Video DJ pioneer, DJ Girl 6. Like Tosh, she agreed to mentor E-Noc, teaching him both video production and video DJing. Within a month E-Noc was video DJing his own custom video edits on the world famous Las Vegas Strip.

His growing skill set won him shows opening for Everclear, Everlast/House of Pain, Steve Aoki’s Autoerotique and Bacardi, Red Bull and Captain Morgan sponsored events. With his custom video edits being in high demand, he was asked to post/sell them on as part of a DJ Duo entitled ‘E6’ with DJ Girl 6. His logo animation also became popular with corporate sponsors including Jameson, Guinness, Ciroc, Bud Light Platinum, Bacardi and others.

His brand grew and the higher paying shows followed which included House of Blues, Hard Rock Café on the Strip, Mandalay Bay/Mandalay Beach, Foundation Room, Tabu, Moorea Beach Club, Sapphire Pool and Voodoo. After only eighteen months of working day and night at two jobs, he finally reached his goal of parting ways with his “day job” and being able to focus on DJing/music full-time.

Never being satisfied with stagnation, E-Noc used his free time towards schooling as an audio producer at Icon Collective in Los Angeles, CA. As a recent graduate, he now posts custom audio and video edits on Crooklyn Clan (as ‘E6’) and there’s no telling where E-Noc’s relentless drive will take him next.

On a personal note, E-Noc has a very dry sense of humor. Even his name stems from his sarcastic nature. While in college, he worked as a teacher’s assistant in a computer lab on campus. The technicians were told to leave a cone on top of their screens if they were unavailable to take student questions. Working as a teacher’s assistant, attending college and DJing at night became physically and emotionally draining. After nearly three months straight of leaving the cone a-top his monitor, his peers nicknamed him ‘enoc’ (cone backwards). With a pound of sarcasm he simply replied, “thanks, now I don’t have to come up with a DJ name.” To this day, you can find the pin on his DJ bag that says: “My soul was removed to make room for all this sarcasm.”